"Ajay" owned by 
the Anderson family of Indiana

"Harley" owned by 
the Straaten family of UT

"Bode & Brady" owned by the 
Sudbay family of Massachusetts

"Gunner" owned by 
the Bagley family of Utah

"Cheyenne & Cherokee & Comanche"
owned by the Talkington family 
of Utah

"Otis & Nikita" owned by 
Melissa Green & Nathan Stevens 
of Florida 

"Celine and Maximus" 
owned by the Knowles family
of Alabama

"Ember" owned by the 
Reinebach family 
of Missouri 

"Charlie & Cyrus" owned by the 
Mitchell family of Utah

"Jordan & Tucker" owned by the 
Chrum family of IL
"Remi & Diesel" owned by 
the Marin family of Texas
"Jax" owned by
the Cernac family of Idaho

 "Winston" owned by 
the Loyalson family of Utah

 "Winston" owned by 
the Loyalson family of Utah
"Winston" owned by 
the Loyalson family of Utah
"Truman & Flash" owned by the 
Solien family of MN

"Parker" owned by 
the Durrant family of Utah

"Titan, Cheyenne, Comanche, Cherokee", owned by the Talkington Family of Utah


Jason & Sabrina Olson
P. O. Box 656
Moroni, Utah 84646

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