Legendary's Future Dream, "Reebok" has been our beloved family member, companion, cherished friend and giver of unconditional love, with whom we shared 9 wonderful years, until the pain medications for his cancer stopped working. Yesterday we had to say our last goodbyes to our beautiful, gentle, beloved boy. I can barely type this, since I am crying so hard. This is a pain like no other. There will always be a very special place in my heart where my Reebok will live on forever. He was truly the sweetest, most gentle Boxer I have ever had the privilege of being owned by. Reebok taught me so many valuable lessons about unconditional love, selflessness, forgiveness, joy, humor and gratitude. 

  Reebok was purchased from Sierra Boxers in Michigan. 
He was 6 months old when he came to live with us, and we fell in love instantly with him. He was the most perfect puppy we had ever seen. His beautiful headpiece was just one of his many stunning qualities.
  Reebok was the grandson of our beloved Bentley and Heather. His famous father was "Dreamer", (Ch Sierra's N Your Wildest Dreams) who was ranked in the American Boxer Club's Top Twenty, two years in a row. His mom was "Cori" (Sierra's Legendary Secret) who injured her leg as a young puppy and never was able to be shown. Reebok was such a blessing to us. Reebok continually amazed us with his extraordinary love for people, puppies, and life in general.

I would like to honor his beautiful children, who will continue on with his wonderful legacy: 

Reebok's Titled Get:
Champion Legendary's Adventures With Tan (Scarlett) 
Champion Legendary's Field of Dreams (Ajay) 
Champion Legendary's Lethal Weapon, RN (Hunter) 
Canadian Champion Legendary's Northern Star (Diva) 
Legendary's Witchblade (Pezz) (AKC pointed) 
Legendary's Calla Lily, RN (Callie) (AKC pointed)

OFA Hips 
OFA Cardiac Normal
SAS Clear
Thyroid Normal
My Best Friend Reebok

Tireless Protector
My Faithful One

Constant Companion
Always Ready To Come

Faithful Listener
Second To None

Playful Buddy
Always Looking For Fun

Unbeatable Snuggler
Warm Like The Sun

Unconditional Lover
Licks By The Ton

Inexhaustible Pleaser
Love On The Run

Sweet Slumber My Dearest Reebok
Your Work Is Now Done.

But there's comfort in knowing
My beloved Reebok waits

He's crossed Rainbow Bridge
And entered into Heavens Gates

Where all of God's creatures
Who've passed from the Earth

Are happy and healthy
A blessed rebirth.

So I thank you my Reebok
For a wonderful friendship so very true

When others deserted me
I could always count on you

I'll carry your memory
Forever inside

And patiently wait
'Til you're back by my side

Poem by Gina

^Reebok's Sire: "DREAMER"^ 
# 10 BOXER IN USA 1999

Jason & Sabrina Olson
P. O. Box 656
Moroni, Utah 84646

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